Radial Design / Value Application

FALL, 09


Artists to research:

Victor Vasarely
Briget Riley


To design a radial composition incorporating a value gradient. This project will focus on the following principles and elements: value, volume, space, shape, radial design (composition), paint mixture and application, craftsmanship, and concept development. Ask yourself how you can use or exploit the characteristics of value ( for example, volume and space) within your design.


Sketch Pad
Illustration Board (hot or cold pressed),20 x 20 inches
Arcylic Paint
Measuring tools


When sketching designs, to apply value, you must have shapes (an enclosed space) throughout your design. There are many possibilities to this project. Study the examples below to initiate ideas. Which designs are successful in only black and white, and which designs could be used best by applying a variety of values?? What can you tweak or alter to make the design work in relation to value application. Again, exploit the characteristics of value (volume and space) within your design. Think in planes, think in shape, think in grids, incorporate more than one element, etc. Research (google image search) works from Brigit Riley, and Victor Vasarely. Can you use a portion of a particular design? Just as you repeated unit forms in your last work, you will also repeat a single unit form (think of a pizza slice repeated to make a whole pie by flipping the design within each unit). As said before, there are multiple solutions to the project. Copy various examples to understand the structure and approach. Once you copy other works, you will be prepared to apply your own individual methods and ideas. Sketch ideas, work, think, work, think, test, test, begin your final version.


-Canvas size (illustration board): 20 x 20 inches (size may alter in class, check with instructor)
-Image size: 18 x 18 (size may alter in class, check with instructor)
-Must use Acrylic Paint and a variety (at least 10 values) of value
-Must demonstrate the ability to paint a clean 10 step value scale.
-I may add more to the list during class


-Are you following the concept of the project?
- Neatness, precision, Intelligent and crafty use of the medium (no distractions from craftsmanship errors)
-Originality, problem solving, innovation
Composition (overall design)
Does your work feel balanced and unified (whole)?
-Does the project seem complete, developed/evolved, and well executed?





























Below are works of Brigit Riley