Film Narrative Collage


By use of collage, create your own scene / narrative based one of the sentences below.

The minster told us not to walk down there.

Why did you have to say that?

How do you get there?

How did you get here?

I do not understand this place.


Be prepared to discuss your research and concepts to the class.


Research a series of black and white movie stills. Using only cut paper from magazines, newspapers, internet, and other sources create a collage. You may use a scene from one movie and/or incorporate several movies. For example, you could possibly alter a scene from Frankenstein to re-create a narrative or use Frankenstein in your movie still. You may use contemporary imagery, but they must be in black and white.

Take note that a narrative does not need every detail for the viewer to read, but enough to suggest the idea. Information left out may create multiple narratives. Consider the ridiculous; consider objects that may not belong to the environments. Possible environments: a living room, dining room table, outer space, the grand canyon, inside a shoe box or cabinet. Whatever the case, develop your idea far and beyond your original starting point.

Because you are using various imagery to create your own scene, you may use media used in previous projects like ink, pen, and Acrylic paint to connect or integrate your scene into one homogeneous image.

Construction paper
Print outs
Illustration Board: From 10 x 15 to 15 x 20 inches.