Spring, 2011

Artists to research

Kylie Stillman
Noriko Ambe
Jen Stark
Nicole Klagsbrun
Guy Laramee
Jill Sylvia
Book Arts Blog
Ara Peterson

Francesca Pastine


Based on the works of Noriko Ambe ,and the other artists listed above, consider various methods to re-designing a book, magazine, or bound paper of some kind as a three dimensional form (a hardback book is highly preferred, this will protect your work and is simple to transport). consider using a book at least 200-400 pages.

Grading and critique will be based on Innovation, concept, and execution.

This project is expected to be accomplished throughout the rest of the semester (during downtime of projects in the classroom, i.e. waiting for plaster to harden) and you are also expected to work on this each week until the final day of class for review.

Helpful hints:

Use a sharp razor blade, change the blade often.
Find a "practice" book, something to practice working out your idea.
find a thin hard surface material (like bristolboard or this cardboard, aka chipboard) to place between pages as you cut so that you do not cut into the next page. I will domonstrate in class.