Project Objective:

In the interest of learning how to manipulate materials, your objective is to construct a found shoe, boot, high heal, sneaker, or sandal (preferably used) out of found material (in this case, recycled cardboard). In addition to using an alternative medium to represent footwear, you will also be required to scale the form, in proportion, to a larger size.

Learning objective:

To sharpen critical thinking skills by scaling a model, manipulating materials, and re-constructing a recognizable object. Additionally, the enlarged utilitarian form will offer critical dialog in regard to form vs. function and may challenge the identity of an object by re-contextualizing.


Cardboard, standard shipping boxes work well. Consider cardboard with text, color, shipping labels. These may add more elements of design.
Glue (Alene's tacky glue)
Tracing paper
Clothing pins
hole puncher
Calculator or smart-phone calculator
Measuring tools up to a 3 or 4 ft. ruler
Drawing paper, or supplied brown craft paper in classroom

Artists of relevance:

Claus Oldenburg
Jim Dine
Chris Gilmore
James Lake
Dylan Sheilds

How to begin?

Method to scale larger:

1) Select footwear you plan to scale to a larger size.

2) Trace contours of the sole onto tracing paper. Draw a rectangle around the shape. Measure the height and width of the rectangle.

3) On a separate piece of paper draw a larger rectangle to the desired scale (3 or 4 times as large will suffice).

4) Connect a line from each corner. Draw a line through the center both vertical and horizontal.

5) Copy the same shape onto the larger rectangle.

6) Cut out the shape and then trace onto cardboard, then cut that shape out of cardboard

7) Repeat these steps for each shape you trace from the original shoe.


What this 18 minute video to view process.


When cutting and gluing consider making glue tabs to allow other template shapes to connect. I will demonstrate in class.

Also, use the skin paper of cardboard to cover joints. I will demonstrate in class.

IMAGE BANK, for reference


Mid construction, notice the sections of templates glued together









Make templates from paper and then trace onto cardboard















Consider the pushing the boundaries by manipulating a material such as cardboard.

Artist: Chris Gilmore


Artist: Chris Gilmore




Artist: Chris Gilmore