Simultaneous Contrast / After Image


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Project Objective: To demonstrate contrast of hue, value, and intensity on 3 separate pieces of illustration board.



Size requirements:

Illustration board: 7 1/2 x 10 inches
Color aid paper: Ground must measure 3 x 4 inches, middle mixture must measure 1 x 1 inch.

Make sure there is an even amount of white space surrounding the color aid paper (you must per-measure and plan out how you will proceed before starting)
Cut your paper clean and straight using a ruler as a straight edge to guide the razor blade.

Adhesion: Rubber cement (you must view a rubber cement demonstration in class before starting)

Make sure to clean any excess glue and erase all pencil marks.

Evaluation / Assessment:

I am looking for technical perfection: straight lines and paper glued to the appropriate spot. I will take points off for any imperfections.

Each example must clearly emphasize a contrast of hue, value, or intensity (note: examples simultaneously show hue, value, and or intensity will have to be re-completed)


Below is an example of contrast of hue


You will hand in three separate versions of the above example each showing:


1) Below: Contrast of Value


2) Below: Contrast of Hue


3) Below: Contrast of Intensity

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