Material List

Please note that all materials can be bought in the school store. Color Aid paper is located behind the counter.

-Color-aid, 220 Color Set (4 1/2" X 6") (must have for the 2nd class)

-Rubber cement (any brand works fine) 4 oz.

-Graph paper pad (no smaller than 81/2 x 11 inch pad)

-Sketchbook, 9 x 12 inch, spiral

-2B graphite pencil
-H4 graphite pencil

-White eraser (not specifically this brand, any white eraser like this will work) as shown below...

-Tuff stuff eraser pencil (great tool for any art course), make sure to purchase refillable erasers.
as shown below...

-30 or 24 inch metal ruler (preferably one with a high side for safety when cutting, Duroedge or Alumicutter are good brands) as shown below...

-2 x 12 inch graph ruler
-1 x 6 inch graph ruler
as shown below...

- 45, 90 degree,12 inch transprent triangle
30, 60, 90 degree 12 inch tranparent triangle
as shown below...

6 inch straight edge metal ruler. (does not have to have a rubber backing) As shown below...

-Razor knife (light or medium duty knife) with replacement blades. X-acto or Excel are both fine brands.

-Box cutter (preferably with a metal handle)

Cutting matt for home use: Purchase a size you have room for in your working space (at home). Walmart sells cutting matts for cheaper than art stores. (found in the sewing section.. I think)

-Small metal pencil sharpener
-Ultra-fine Sharpie marker

-Illustration board, cold press or hot press. Make sure that the surface is not shiny.

purchase size 15 x 20 inches: (7 pieces) Bainbrigde is a good brand, 1 or 2 ply.

you will cut this down to specific sizes depending on the assignment. Store your illustration board in a flat / clean area. (ALL WORK MUST BE PRESENTED ON ILLUSTRATION BOARD)

-Acrylic Paint
(Utrect or Golden are recommended brands)
-Titanium White
-Ivory Black
-Phthalo or Cerulean Blue
-Ultramarine Blue
-Cadmium Yellow Med. or Light.
-Cadmium Red Med.

-Additional paint colors for consideration
-Viridian Green
-Alizarin Crimson


-Use only watercolor brushes (water color brushes have short handles unlike Oil and Acrylic brushes)

-3 brushes of flat heads ranging in width from 1/10 inch to 1/2 inch as shown below.


Yellow FROG TAPE, delicate surface: (highly recommended) sold at Walmart (purchase a matt cutter while you're there)

You can also use:

Blue painter's tape "delicate surfaces"