12 Hue color wheel

Color has three distinct properties:
Hue: spectral color name
Value: lightness or darkness
Saturation: brightness or dullness


FALL, 2009
SPRING, 2010
FALL, 2010
SPRING, 2011



Project: 12 Hue Color Wheel

To design a twelve hue color wheel using color-aid paper and illustration board. This project is intended to familiarize students with methods, materials, and the craftsmanship expected throughout the course. In addition, students will focus on the identifying temperature to determine the "correct" hue in the color wheel.



-Illustration Board
-Ruler / Straight edge for marking and cutting straight lines

-Rubber cement
-Utility Knife (for cutting illustration board)

-X-acto Razor knife ( for cutting paper)
-Color-aid paper

1) You may only use the materials listed above.
2) Use only 12 colors based on the color circle.
4) Canvas Size: 10 x 10 inch, Image size 8 x 8
inch as shown below


SELECTION OF COLOR: Find a true blue, red and yellow (primary colors) then find a “perfect orange, green and purple (secondary colors). Imagine mixing the two primaries together, what would that color be? Same applies to the tertiary colors. Here you are to imagine mixing a primary with a secondary. What would that color be? For example, red and orange make reddish orange.


Play the video link below to learn how to make your template.


-Watch the video above, using a sheet of printer paper divide a circle into 12 equal parts. Cut out 1 section; this will be your template (on one side cut the paper slightly larger on one side; I will demonstrate in class. Use that piece of paper as a template to trace and cut out each of the 12 hues using a ruler and an X-acto knife.

-Cut the illustration board to 10 x 10 inches

-Make the same design on the 10 x 10 inch board as you did on the sheet of printing paper.

-Using rubber cement (the proper way as demonstrated in class), begin to glue each color on the illustration board relating to the design. Remember to overlap the color so that there is not white showing from the illustration board between color shapes.



- clean cut color aid paper, paper fully adhered to the surface, no glue residue, no white lines, no pencil lines, follow size requirements
-Identify accurate color selection of the 12 hues
-Does the project seem complete and specific to the times.