Material List:

*I have arranged through our school book store to supply all of the materials above. The book store is located adjacent to the main cafeteria. Please note that you can apply your student financial aid to pay for materials prior to your check’s arrival…only through the school store.

Remember to put your name on everything you purchase!!!

1. 9 x 12 inch sketch book, for all mediums (ringed binder)

2. (1) 18 x 24 inch all purpose paper (80 weight), preferably Strathmore, brown cover.

3. Tackle Box or Art box to hold materials

4. Portfolio (nothing fancy) 20 x 26 inches

RULERS: purchase all 4.
30 or 36 inch metal ruler

2x18 inch graph ruler (usually found clear with red print)
2x12 inch graph ruler (usually found clear with red print)
1x6 inch graph ruler (usually found clear with red print)

5. Graphite Pencils variety pack or buy them individually: (2) 4H, (2) 2H, (2) HB, (2) 2B, (2) 4B

6. Pencil Sharpener

7. (3) Medium size kneaded erasers

(1) Art Gum eraser,

(1) white eraser

(Paper Mate Tuff Stuff eraser stick is the best brand)

8. Vine Charcoal (soft) medium thickness, (one box, or bag)

9. Compressed Charcoal, (2) pieces

10. 2 Blending Stumps: ¼ inch

11. (1) Black charcoal pencil

(1) white charcoal pencil

12. Blue Painter’s Tape, 1 or 1 1/2 inch wide, Delicate surface blue tape is best (found in paint departments, homedepot)

13. Fixative Spray-workable

14. (2) Drawing boards (foam) 30 x 40 inches, use at home to complete large drawings