Project V



Project: Mobile Form Design
Spring, 2007

-Sketch pad
-18 x 24-inch paper
-Tracing paper
- Pencil(s)
- Ultra-Fine Sharpie black ink marker
- Any other mediums or materials you see fit.
Your objective is to exhibit 4/5 drawings representing your design for an automobile. You will use a variety of drawing approaches covered throughout the semester. Think of this as a design you will present to a firm / company focusing on creativity and craftsmanship. The final drawing will be a simple logo integrating the overall form and concept of the design. You could put the logo at the top corner of each drawing? This project focuses on the drawing and form of the automobile along with the overall presentation. The concept of the car (ex. hybrid, submarine, or dragon car) is not a concern here. Think of a fresh design and not an automobile copied from history, but you can appropriate (reference) aspects from history.

-Drawing 1: will demonstrate two-point perspective contour line modeling (This is how you will create your automobile design)
Drawing 1a: will demonstrate the auto in cross-contour line (use tracing paper from Drawing 1)
-Drawing II: (Contour line) will demonstrate 2 isometric points of view of the automobile (Profiles only)
-Drawings III: will be the automobile in a hypothetical space. Combine value and line (similar to previous projects). Demonstrate a solid composition in this drawing.
-Drawing IV: will be the automobile’s logo. (Refer to project deconstruction / reconstruction)
- Push the formal concepts of the automobile as far as you can
- Use the Sharpie marker in at least 2 drawings. (Remember to use the marker at the very last part of the drawing)
- Hand in all research and sketches with the final drawings.

Start developing your automobile using two point perspective. I will demonstrate in class. On a separate paper make two isometric profile drawings of your design based on the cross contour drawing. Drawing III will exhibit the automobile in a hypothetical space. This space will be a suggestive environment, not too literal. Use silhouettes to simplify objects or people, whereas, some areas may be descriptive. Use a light source on a matchbox car (something similar) to see how the light will describe the object. Drawing 4 will be a logo derived from all of your drawings and the final form of the car. The logo should be a simplified version of the automobile (clean, slick, and simple) using 2 values or colors; one can be the white of the paper.

Grading: Five C’s
-Idea development, preparation, research
-View of angles, and ability to utilize the drawing format
-Line quality, use of media, neatness
-Originality, problem solving, point of view
-Finished images(s); a developed idea pushed towards completion