Project III



Claes Oldenburg Project; others to research: Christo, Marcel Duchamp, Jim Dine

Materials: 18 x 24” paper(s)

Objective: Proposed a sculpture based on the concepts, drawings, and sculptures of Claes Oldenburg in the form of three or more drawings.
-Several rough sketches exploring different mediums similar to that of Jim Dine's work (we will discuss in class).
-One in three point perspective using a low horizon line (mechanical-like drawing).
-One in three point perspective using a low horizon line in the desired site (must break the contours of the 1 inch border around your drawing surface).

Robert Haywood of Art in America briefly explains Oldenburg’s work, “Begin with a mass-produced or ordinary object; alter its scale, context, materials and meaning: turn the object against itself; then float, stuff, toss or cut it—until, at last, the art provokes a subversive laugh”(1995).

As if you are Oldenburg, create a sculpture within any site you wish: rural, suburbs, or urban areas. Remember that Oldenburg used forms created solely for their function: bar of soap, clothespin, buttons, etc. At the same time they fit the criteria of what a three dimensional sculpture consists of (form activating space) simultaneously contradicting the environment by using irony as an art form.

Rules: -Reveal the process. Keep (do not erase) the history of your lines as evidence of succession.
-The final sculpture must represent a recognizable mass produced or ordinary object.
-Must use a combination of line and value in your final version (value scale 1-5)
-Draw a one-inch border on every drawing.
-Place a human figure(s) in the final drawing to exhibit scale of the sculpture. The human figure can be a silhouette of negative space or positive space… no detail within the figure. I will demonstrate in class

Approach: Choose a few objects that you may consider for a sculpture and make several sketches of each object, some quick gesteral sketches some long mechanical drawings. become familiar with these objects. Once you have committed to an object, begin rough sketches of the object using a variety of mediums (refer to Jim Dine drawing linked above). Begin the drawing in three-point perspective from a corner's point of view using a low horizon line. Begin your final drawings. Finally, Google a geographic site, use your neighborhood, or go in the city, what ever you like. Remember to have the horizon line (eye level) line up with the sculpture (this will take some trial and error). It may be easier to think of location and have that ready prior to drawing in the sculpture. The sculpture will be an object that you can move around whereas the landscape may be more difficult. Also, play with the light source on your object to match the light source in the location and think of how the shadows can enhance your composition. Consider some mark making with mediums used in your rough sketches to include in the final. This must be discussed with me to develop the idea. HAVE FUN!! The most rediculous object often works best.

Grading: Five C’s
-Research, idea, preparation
-View of angles of the sculpture, and use of lighting
-Line and value quality, use of media, neatness
-Originality, problem solving
-Fulfillment of requirements for assignment