The Drawing Machine (influenced by Rube Goldberg)

To create an over complicated simple task device. The end result must yield an apparatus that draws on paper. The instrument must exhibit five phases. Each phase will flow into the next resulting in a final phase that draws on paper. What constitutes a drawing? Does a pencil or a traditional drawing apparatus represent a drawing tool? Can a marble dipped in ink rolled across paper constitute a drawing? Be creative, B. E. Creative. We will discuss drawing in class. Can a simple circle be a drawing?

-Anything goes; consider all possibilities:
-Wood, paper, cardboard, metal, wire, rails, plastic pipe, funnels, fabric, rubber bands, cloths pins, paper clips, erasers, axels, bike parts, weights, molds, wheels, string, sprockets, thrift shops, garage sales, door hinges, springs, etc.
Consider sources for power: gravity, weight, air, balloon, sand, water, springs, etc.

You may want to begin by developing the last phase first (drawing on paper), then move your way back toward the first step. The more ridiculous and creative your project is, the higher the grade. You have three weeks, so plan your work according to time in school (9 hours to use tools for fabrication) and home (small simple procedures and collecting items for your “machine”).

-Must be no larger than a table top (in 3-D lab) and no smaller that cup of coffee.
Also, the width must fit between a typical door-way. It may also be in parts.
-Must have five phases, one of which is drawing on paper.


-Did you follow the project rules and concepts?
-Does your project possess a congruent idea, for example, a theme, but not in a literal sense.
-Originality, problem solving, developed idea
-Does the project seem complete, developed/evolved, and well executed?
-Does your project feel developed and congruent visually? For example, if it is awkward and clunky, does the whole contraption emphasize awkward and clunky?

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