Sculpture proposals for DCCC campus

Student Work:



Propose 2 colossal outdoor or outdoor sculptures. One sculpture will be influenced by minimalism using simple forms like rectangles, cylinders, spheres, or cones; whereas, the other drawing will be based on Claes Oldenburg colossal sculptures. Your sculptures will be proposed on paper using two and three point perspective in or around the campus of Delaware County Community College.

You will make (4) drawings for similar to the format below,however for your project you must demonstrate one mechanical drawing and one loose drawing.

Below are examples of mechanical drawings (contour line)




Below are examples of loose sketches (combined with mechanical drawing (contour line), and value application).



Notice how the structure or "construction lines" still exist; however, they are applied more loosely.

Student Examples

MORE Student Examples

-Sketch pad
-18 x 24 inch paper (80 lbs paper)
-Graphite pencils (from 4h through 2b)

-Marker set

Artists to research:

Tony Smith
Beverly Pepper
Ursula von Rydingsvard
Donald Judd
David Smith
Claes Oldenburg


With your final version you must show me preliminary sketches. Look at (Claes Oldenburg sketches) for ideas.

To implement a sense of size and scale, you must apply silhouettes of the human figure next to the sculpture.

Rules will be added in class.


Minimal Sculpture:

Make several sketches to develop the concept (push the idea). Deconstruct simple forms. Slice them up, hollow them out, or stack them up, do all three, what ever you like. Remember that simplicity is a virtue and also makes for a solid composition. Think of repetition of pattern and shape (rhythm). Do you want the sculpture showcasing mass (density) or an open space? Will your idea be vertical or horizontal? What will the material be? Can this stand and handle the natural elements? Will it fall on an innocent bystander to eventually tie up the schools finance in lawsuits? Actually, I don’t want you to worry too much about that, this may hinder your creative spirit. Once you have committed to a design, practice drawing the sculpture in two and three-point perspective. Finally, take a digital photo (from several points of view) of the DCCC campus and print out an image to use as a reference for your final drawing. Your drawing of the DCCC building / campus should not be too specific showing all details, just recognizable elements. I will show examples, and we will practice drawing around campus in class.

Claes Oldenburg Sculpture:

Select a recognizable utilitarian form. As if you are Oldenburg, create a sculpture within the campus of Delaware County:. Remember that Oldenburg used specific recognizable forms that contradict the environment which often created a sense of irony. When starting draw the object from a corner so that you can apply two point perspective. Consider a site-specific place to house your sculpture proposal. You may use the same location for both sculptures.

Robert Haywood of Art in America briefly explains Oldenburg’s work, “Begin with a mass-produced or ordinary object; alter its scale, context, materials and meaning: turn the object against itself; then float, stuff, toss or cut it—until, at last, the art provokes a subversive laugh”(1995).


Additional Rules

-Reveal the process. Keep (do not erase) the history of your lines as evidence of succession.
-The final sculpture must represent a recognizable mass produced or ordinary object.
-Must use a combination of line and value in your final version (value scale 1-5)
-Draw a one-inch border on every drawing.
-Place a human figure(s) in the final drawing to exhibit scale of the sculpture. The human figure can be a silhouette of negative space or positive space… no detail within the figure. I will demonstrate in class

JIM DINE DRAWINGS (good for studying methods of drawing)

Tony Smith





Donald Judd





















Beverly Pepper








Claes Oldenburg






Ursula von Rydingsvard
















Value example:


You may show a combination of line and value. This example does not show line. How could you re-introduce line but not take away from the volume of the form?