GEO-GANIC Form VALUE Project / Interior perspective

Project Objective:

Using the same approach as the previous project draw 3 or more stacked radial forms in two point perspective as illustrated above. Use your previous drawing as a source to mimic or further develop individual radial forms. The difference between this project and your last project is that you are applying value to the exterior planes of the form using an implied light source; whereas, before you solely explored the interior structure. You will soften the planes to create a gradual transition of value creating an organic skin around the form. In addition, you must place your invented forms in an interior space using two point perspective as shown in illustrations below. Please note that cast shadows will also be included.


18 x 24 inch paper 80lbs, OR bristol board paper (smooth or vellum)

various pencils from H4, H2, H, HB, B, 2B



-Must achieve a wide range of values incorporating both hard and soft edges (incorporating contour line)
-Must apply linear perspective (2 point perspective)
-Must incorporate radial forms (similar to that of a donut, fruit, vegetable, bagel, etc.)
-Apply the cast shadows that the forms create as they stack on top of each other.
-Set the forms in an invented interior space


Draw 3 large stacked rectangles in 2 point perspective. Make your horizon line in the center of the paper; however, if you want to experiment further you may move the horizon line to the top or bottom of the paper. Begin to design radial forms in each rectangle as shown in class. Draw matching individual planes within the form, then connect the exterior distance from one plane to the next. I will demonstrate in class. Using an implied light source apply value onto the exterior (skin) of the form. I will demonstrate in class.



Creative Possibilities:

From the mistakes in learning the technical process try to heighten your awareness of the possibilities that are offered through your mistakes. These "mistakes" are opportunities for creative thinking and project development or idea/design development.

Methods to further develop your project: Alter the single planes within the radial design. Consider large to small, a gradient of changing shape, blending or morphing stacked forms into each other, consider making one connected form out of 5 parts, etc. Consider making the same shape and stack the form to create a column-like design as illustrated below.

Below is an example of how to make a radial form using two point perspective.



Apply value to each plane and create a soft transition of value from one plane to an adjacent plane



Below demonstrates how to apply soft transitions of value to each plane. Also, one can alter the form as an after thought.


Notice the light, medium, and dark values. Also, notice the reflected light





Methods to apply shadows below













2 point perspective


1 point perspective


light source




























Below illustrates how to make a radial form using one point perspective.



For inspiration view the drawings below by Rafael Araujo: Link to more drawings by Rafael Araujo


Video Tutorials:

Invented form Video