Geo-ganic Radial Form Project:

Project Objective:

Draw 5 or more stacked radial forms in two point perspective as illustrated below. Once you have grasped the technical aspect of the concept develop an design / idea in response to tthe technical process.


18 x 24 inch paper 80lbs

various pencils from H4, H2, H, HB, B, 2B



Must achieve a variety of line weight
Must apply linear perspective
Must incorporate radial forms (like a donut)
Must use only contour line unless otherwise noted.


Draw 5 large stacked rectangles in 2 point perspective. Make your horizon line in the center of the paper; however, if you want to experiment further you may move it to the top of bottom of your paper. Begin to make radial form in each rectangle as shown in class. From the mistakes in learning the technical process try to heighten your awareness of the possibilities that are offered through your mistakes. These "mistakes" are opportunities for creative thinking and project development or idea development.

Methods to further develop an idea: Alter the single planes within the radial design. Consider large to small, a gradient of changing shape, blending or morphing stacked forms into each other, consider making one connected form from 5 parts, etc.




Below is an example of how to make a radial form using two point perspective.





Below illustrates how to make a radial form using one point perspective.



For inspiration, view the drawings below by Rafael Araujo: Link to more drawings by Rafael Araujo


Video Tutorials:

Invented form Video