Using a compound word, such as "passport", design two separate typefaces that suggest the meaning of each part of the compound word such as "pass" and "port". Refrain from illustrating the literal meaning of the word resulting in a representational / recognizable form(s) made from type. For example do not make a skate board ramp our of the word skate. Your objective is to design a new typeface that employs design elements to suggest each word resulting in two meanings instead of one, possibly creating a completely new context.


Break down the compound word into the two words it is composed of. Research and write down the meaning and associations of each word. Begin to sketch single letter designs using design elements that suggest the word. Using a rectangle or graph paper design by subtraction and addition utilizing elements of design and parallel line drawing techniques used in previous projects. Apply rounds, planes, shapes, organic, geometric, mass, line, etc.

Work in collaborative groups to help develop and polish your design/concept. Consider methods to differentiate the two works such as employing lower case and upper, or opposing design elements such as organic vs. geometric, classic design vs. contemporary design (Serif and Sans Serif), thick vs. thin, long vs. short, movement vs. static, positive vs. negative, color vs. no color, etc. reconfigure the words.. must they read left to right, why not side by side, top to bottom, vertical and horizontal. develop, fine tune, and execute. Below can be an example of sketching ideas to employ design elements that suggest the feeling or meaning of a word.








Final Presentation:

Your work will be presented on an illustration board divided in half. One half will show a finished design in pen and repidiographic ink; whereas the other side will show two full alphabets in separate typeface using a variety of graphite densities. You must use basic fundamentals of typography in the both alphabets illustrated below.


Illustration board
Measuring tools
Micron Pen (small point)
Rapidio graphic Ink
Sable Brush
Graphite pencils (range of hard and soft)



Below are various examples of typeface design (many from Josef Albers). Use as a source of influence